Using QTO2 & QTO3 from Candy


Both versions of QTO (2 & 3) must be installed.


QTO 3 can upgrade a QTO 2 job.

QTO 3 Data is not backwards compatible with QTO 2.

When upgrading from QTO 2 to QTO 3 a backup of the QTO 2 data will be made.

Switching between QTO 2 & QTO 3.

1.       Open Candy.

2.       Go to the Bill Prep menu and click QTO Manager.

3.       By default, QTO 3 will launch when a QTO package is opened.

4.       The QTO version can easily be switched by going to the Tools menu.

5.       Select the version you would like to run by clicking on it.

6.       Candy will remember the last choice the user made.


Upgrading a QTO 2 package to QTO3

Opening a QTO 2 package with QTO 3 will display the following message.

Once QTO 3 has completed the upgrade, Candy will only open the package with QTO 3.

Attempting to open a QTO 3 package in QTO 2 will result in an error.


Upgrading to QTO 3 may require Unit types to be set.

Administrator documentation

Set up a standard user to run QTO 3

If an administrator installed QTO 3 in a different profile, registry keys will not be crated for other Windows users and Candy will not be able to launch QTO 3.

To remedy this, a shortcut can be used to write the registry keys.

1.       Create a copy of the QTO 3 desktop shortcut.

2.       Right-click on the copy and click on Properties

3.       Add -CCSIO to the end of the Target text box and click OK.

4.       Double click the copied QTO 3 icon.

5.       The QTO 3 Splash box will appear and then disappear, this is normal and means the registry keys have been written.

6.       Delete the Icon copy and restart Candy.