QTO 3 Version Extension


What the Users see:


With 3 days to go the user will see this message, the user can choose to cancel and continue working.


Once QTO 3 has expired the user must Extend the software or download a new version. In this case there is not a newer version and the user will have to extend the software.

When the user clicks on Extend this is the dialogue box they will see. The support staff will need to know the version number to generate an extension key.

Once the user has entered the extension key and clicked Extend, a confirmation message will be displayed.

What the Support staff see:


The support person will need to be setup correctly so that QTO 3 runs in dev mode. They will then have access to the extension tool menu item.

The extension tool can be found under the Take-off tab under the support menu.

The support person will need to fill in a password to gain access to the extension tool.

The client will need to provide their exact version number to be entered into the generator, click Generate once the key is entered.

The generator will now show the extension key that can be given to the client. Refer back to the user section for the confirmation message that will be show to the user once the extension is successful.