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The Candy application (system files) can be installed on a server and run from a workstation over a Local Area Network.

NOTE that a terminal services solution must be used for Wide Area Network or Virtual Private Network connections.

The following two problems can occur:

  1. Low bandwidth connections will result in very slow load speeds for Candy.
  2. Intermittent connection loss with result in major application errors.

Determining if candy is running from the server

Look for “System Files Path” in the “Folders” section of the Candy System Information document. Below are two examples of Candy being loaded over a network.

System Files Path            Y:\ccswin - (NTFS)


System Files Path            \\MCM_FS\applications\ccswin - (NTFS)

Low bandwidth problems

Typically, a user will complain that Candy takes a long time to load. We would regard anything above 10  seconds as unacceptable.

If all users on a network are experiencing slow load speeds then the network is slow or overloaded. If this happens periodically (end of month or a specific part of the day) then it is likely that the network is overloaded (month end accounts or daily backups).

If only one or two users are having this problem then they might have a low bandwidth connection ie wireless rather than wired connection.

Intermittent connection loss

The Candy application executable is loaded into the workstation’s memory. So are all the main resources ie DLLs.

If the workstation requires memory it will “swap out” the DLL files – when Candy tries to access these files then Windows will reload them from the server. If there is a connection problem then Candy will crash. We can not predict exactly what will happen in this case or if Candy will be able to report the error correctly. Additionally, Usually fatally. In this case the only safe option is to install Candy on the workstation.