Corrupted job file.


The job manager can get corrupted for many reasons. The following are a set of possible solutions. Note that the correct solution needs to be applied according to the problem... only Cape Town will be able to advise as to what to use.

Make sure you can get into Candy

If you can't get into Candy then because of a crash related to the last Company that you were in then use the following technote:

Once in Candy

Do the following

Option 1 - corrupted JOB MANAGER ie the COY-JOBS. File

1.       Get to the company manager

2.       CTRL+F5

3.       In the SPEC type *.A (where A is the company) - hit enter

4.       Right click on the file (ie COY-JOBS.A) 5. Choose RENAME - put an x in front of the name - hit green tick

5.       Get back to the company manager - usually best to exit Candy and come back in

6.       Go into the A job - it should rebuild automatically - otherwise choose TOOLS, SUPERVISOR TOOLS, REBUILD FILES FROM INI FILES

There is a possibility that not all jobs will get their descriptions (if the user has not gone into them in the past 4 years). The user will lose some of the ORDER of the jobs.