Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Candy Technote-small.jpgProblem with CandyMono Font


The Following font warning messages may appear when installing a newer version of Candy.

When installing Candy 

The Candy application has previously not closed down correctly and released the Candy Mono font, leaving the font file “open”. The installer is attempting to install a new CandyMono font file into your system folder, but cannot overwrite the previous file because of the open status of the old one.

Solution 1: Ignore the message

Solution 2: Reboot your computer before installing a new Candy version.

Solution 3: Make sure that all other applications are closed and then run the installation again (namely Outlook, Word, Excel – any application that might be making use of the Candy font).

When starting Candy

When starting Candy, if the CandyMono font is not found on the computer, Candy adds it to the Windows font table dynamically. This means that the font is only available while Candy is running.
In some systems, this is not allowed due to low permissions status. The CandyMono font will therefore not be available for use.

Try to change the Candy document font to some other font. Do this by going to system settings (yellow Hammer) and finding the FONTS item.

You could also try to install the font manually as described below.

To install CandyMono manually:

Browse to your C:\Program files\CCSWIN\SYSTEM folder
Copy the CandyMono.OFT file

Open your C:\Windows\Fonts folder
Paste the CandyMono.OFT into this folder

If none of the above mentioned solutions work it is also possible to disable Candy fonts from loading at startup.

To do so go to the Utilities menu and select system information, from there follow the picture bellow and untick “Load Candy fonts”.

Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Load Candy fonts.png