Offline files


Using Offline Files, you can work with network files when you are not connected to the network.

Offline Files are most useful when you are working on a laptop or remotely over a slow network connection.


Note that working with offline folders uses a synchronization process. This can cause Candy to slow down because every time a file is touched, the synchronization routines will run.
If Candy needs that same file immediately, then it will have to wait for the synchronize to complete. Additionally,  if synchronize gets confused as to which files in a set of files is the latest copy then duplicates will appear – Candy will not be able to deal with this situation….

Some problems that the MS synchronize has with Candy data:

1.       Candy data is a collection of files that have a relationship that must not be interfered with – they need to be seen by synchronize as a collection not as individual files

2.       The user does not know the meaning of these files. This means that if there is a synchronization conflict then the user can’t tell Windows which is the more up to date version. This should hardly ever happen but it does.

3.       Candy is opening and closing files all the time – this causes synchronization to do a lot of work – when this work is being done Candy can be held up – this causes the system to be dog slow.


Having said this we do know that if everything is perfect then Candy data will be perfect in a “work off line” folder.

Setting up offline files

To enable offline files go to My Computer.

Click on the TOOLS menu and choose FOLDER OPTIONS.

Click on the last tab OFFLINE FILES.

If you see the following message you need to turn off fast user switching.


Once fast user switching is turned off the OFFLINE FILES tab will now look like this.

A view of the ADVANCED SETTINGS dialog.

To make use of offline files browse to a network location and right-click on it.

From the menu select MAKE AVAILABLE OFFLINE.

The first time you make a folder available offline the “Offline Files Wizard” will appear.

Read the information in the wizard as it will explain why offline files are useful.

It is best to tick the AUTO SYNC box because this will ensure you have the most up to date versions of the file when you start working and when you close down.

NB: It is very important that you wait for the sync process to finish (when logging off) before disconnecting your network connection.                        MORE INFO NEEDED HERE (what happens if you do not wait.)

Click NEXT.

These options are your personal preferences. You may leave them both unticked if you wish.


The files will now be synchronised for the first time, this may take quite a while depending on network speed and the size of the folder or files you chose to synchronise.

Once the folder is synchronised with will have the sync indicator on the bottom left of the folder icon.