Excel number format


Exporting to Office Excel 2010 (or importing a CSV file to the same) will cause numbers to be formatted incorrectly if the Candy decimal and thousands separator do not match the regional settings of the computer (Excel will inherit these settings).
This problem becomes apparent when number cells in Excel are marked with a green triangle. Additionally, when formulas on an exported sheet fail OR the drag and sum tool adds ‘number’ cells to value of zero.

Change regional settings

Make sure Excel is closed.

In control panel open Region and Language settings

Click Additional settings

Make sure that:

The DECIMAL symbol is a DOT. And the THOUSANDS symbol is a COMMA.
NOTE: If you are in the CONTINENTAL EUROPE region then   DECIMAL = DOT and THOUSANDS = COMMA [Candy must be set in the same way].

Setting candy regional settings

Go to the SUPPORT menu and choose SYSTEM SETTINGS

Description: cid:image002.png@01CC0F2E.5DF2FEA0

Set the NUMERIC DISPLAY FORMAT to STANDARD for every region except continental Europe.

How force an Excel column to NUMBER format

Open the affected excel spread sheet you will now see a green marker in the top corner of the affected numbers.
Click on the dropdown arrow next to the number and select Convert to Number.