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If users with different “ownership” rights access shared Candy data then a situation can occur where only the user who created a particular job can access that job.

This situation needs to be fixed by an administrator who has access to the shared folder on the server.

The following assumes that Candy users are in a dedicated group – in this case ‘Domain users’. The server is MS Windows Server 2008 RC2.

Fixing Folder Ownership

Ownership of a folder and its subfolders may be changed by using the properties dialog of that folder.

Right click on the folder and choose properties, then click on the SECURITY tab.

Click on the ADVANCED button.

Select the OWNERSHIP tab. Click on the EDIT button.

You can now add users or groups to the CHANGE OWNER TO box. NOTE that you must check the “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” box. If you do not see the user of group that you want then make use of the OTHER USERS OR GROUPS button (see below on how to use this).

Click the APPLY button to complete the operation. The following warning message will be displayed.

The owner will now have changed.

Making use of the ‘other users or groups’ button

If you do not see the user or group in the list then click on the OTHER USERS OR GROUPS BUTTON.
Select the required user and click on Apply to commit the transfer.