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Q: What workstation specifications does Candy require?

A: A reasonable PC running Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Window 10.  The amount of RAM depends on what is going to be running when Candy is running. Between 1 and 2 GB will be okay. The screen resolution should be at least 1024x768.


Q: Does Candy have ‘server side’ software?

A: No, Candy is a standalone application. However, data can be stored on a file server. Multi user access of data is achieved using file locking provided by local operating system.


Q: Does Candy work with Citrix or MS Terminal Server?

A: Yes. However, there are settings (like some file caching) that will cause Candy data files to be corrupted. Additionally, insufficient server power or insufficient network/internet bandwidth can make many features of Candy unworkable.


Q: What third party applications does Candy rely on to work?

A: Basic estimating requires only Candy. However, Candy can integrate with MS Excel and MS Word. Development has been aimed at MS Office 2007. However, later versions are preferable. Emailing from inside Candy is via MS Outlook (or Windows Mail). A PDF reader is helpful and PDF writer might be required (Candy provides a third party package PDF writer - this is known to have problems on some installations).


Q: How do I get updates of Candy?

A: The best way is to update from inside Candy (Support menu, choose Update Candy). It can also be downloaded from


Q: How often should Candy be updated?

A: Changes are made to Candy every day. To take full advantage of this software you should be downloading once per month.


Q: The software “expires” – what does this mean?

A: Each issue of Candy has a limited life span – this is dependent on how far along that version is in its development cycle. Final issue versions will last 1 year. Development versions will last between 1 and 4 months. Either way, Candy can be “extended” on the internet or by contacting your local distributor. Particular issues that had problems will only be extendable for short periods – most issues are can be extended for around 6 months.


Q: How do I install Candy on my computer?

A: Once you have download SETUP.EXE onto your machine you can run it and follow the instructions. The main question asked is where the Candy files must be copied to. By default this is the C:\Program Files (x86) folder. You will need admin rights to run the setup file.


Q: I ran setup.exe and got an “Access Denied” message…

A: The most common problem is that you do not have administrator rights and so cannot install into the C:\Program Files folder. You can run setup.exe in administrator mode by right clicking on it and choosing the “RUN AS” option. Choose administrator on the dialog and enter the password – setup will run as normal.


Q: I ran setup.exe and got a message about Candy being IN-USE”…

A[simple]: Usually this means that the Candy application is currently running on this computer. Simply close it and try again. Sometimes a re-boot of your computer can help. When installing on a network at least one user on the network is running Candy – ALL users must have exited Candy for the installation to be successful. This message can also be displayed when the user does not have “modify” permissions to the install folder, but does have “write” permissions!


Q: I ran setup.exe and got an “Invalid folder” message…

A: This message is misleading. Check that the path that you have typed does not contain any illegal character – try using the browse button (note that you will have to clear the path before choosing the browse button). Another possibility is that you are attempting to install to a network resource - the folder that you have specified does not exist and you do not have rights to create the folder. In either case, try using Windows Explorer to create the folder – you may get a more informative error message.   


Q: I ran setup.exe and got a message stating that the setup.exe is “Not a Win 32 application”…

A: This is most likely a corrupted setup.exe file. Try to download another version and re-install. If you still have the problem you will have to contact your local distributor.


Q: I need to re-install Candy – how do I know where it was installed the first time?

A: Run setup.exe – on the “System Path” panel you can drop down the path box – the last install path will be there. The best way, however, is to install from within Candy – from inside Candy, choose the support menu – choose UPDATE CANDY.


Q: Is there a way to run setup.exe from a batch file without the user interface? 

A: The following command line can be used (no space around the equal sign and no quotes around the install path even if it has spaces in it):

        …\setup.exe SILENT=[install path]


Q: Does Candy actually require setup.exe to be executed?

A: No. Setup.exe simply provides a user interface and then copies files to the specified folder. It is entirely possible that Candy is installed to a temporary folder and then re-packaged or copied as is for installation over a network. Note that no dlls etc are installed in the Windows folder or anywhere else.


Q: What about .Net runtime and similar technologies?

A: Candy does not install .NET during setup. To use some features a user will be warned that .Net is required if it is not available. These features are extras and do not constitute a requirement to run Candy. .Net 4.0 is suggested.


Q: What permissions or rights are required to install Candy?

A: Full read/write/modify permissions to the installation folder. The user might have to be logged in as an administrator depending on the computer/network setup.


Q: What permissions are required to run Candy?

A: For the application folder – read only access. For the data folder full control permissions.


Q: What about database setups etc during install/update?

A: Everything required is in the application. Database upgrades are dealt with when a user runs a version for the first time – this only affects the data.


Q: Are the Candy application files certified/signed?

A: Yes, the setup.exe and all installed .exe and .dll files are signed by THWART (VeriSign). For more information, right click on the file ..\SYSTEM\CCS.DLL, properties and click on the “certification” tab.


Q: What does the Candy shortcut do?

A: Its only purpose is to point to and execute the ..\system\ccsvfx.exe file. Most commonly c:\program files\ccswin\system\ccsvfx.exe. The “start in” path is of no consequence.


Q: What compatibility mode should be set on the shortcut?

A: None. No compatibility mode should be set.


Q: Is a re-boot of a computer required after installation?

A: No. This would be an indication of a major problem.  


Q: If the actual installation of files is interrupted, is it possible to end up with half an installation?

A: Only in extreme cases. For example, losing the network connection to the install path during the final copy. 


Q: Does an installation have to be uninstalled before re-installing Candy?

A: No. Candy files are copied over existing ones. Unused files are sometimes deleted – however, this is only for maintenance purposes.


Q: Can different versions of Candy be installed multiple times on a single computer?

A: Yes. This is usually done for evaluation purposes. A separate shortcut is required for each Candy installation. 


Q: What about multiple monitors?

A: Candy will work on any monitor on a multiple monitor installation.