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Q: What type of database does Candy use?

A: Candy uses an embedded proprietary database. It relies on the Windows 32 File API. There is no server side software, but data can be stored and shared on a file server. Integrity and recovery of corrupted data is managed internally – the database is designed for highly unstable environments.


Q: What type of rights and authentication is required to access Candy files on a file server?

A: All authentication and access is controlled by the Windows operating system. Candy requires full read/write/modify rights to Candy data files. An exception is that Network Master data requires only read rights. 


Q: Does the Candy database have a backup service?

A: An automatic localized backup is provided. Additionally, users can manage their own backup from inside Candy. Automatic ‘offsite’ backup requires separate software.


Q: How is data transferred between Candy databases?

A: The internal backup tool is used to transfer data. Data is packaged in a .CAB file to compress it and to provide a level of integrity during transfer. A normal estimate will create a 1 MB backup file. A large estimate will create a 4MB file. Data that is controlling jobs, including valuation data and program data, will create larger transfer files.


Q: How is data transferred to external databases?

A: No general method is provided to directly access data from outside the Candy application. However, any data can be exported into almost any form. Some specific exports have been created.