Quantity Take-off System Requirements

Operating system

QTO is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (x86 or x64).

The latest service pack should always be installed.

.NET platform
Microsoft .NET 4.5 is required

64 bit support

QTO will run on all 64-bit Intel x86 processors running a compatible 64-bit Microsoft operating system.

Recommended Hardware requirements

         2 GHz Intel i3 or equivalent

         4GB of system memory

         120 GB hard drive with at least 5 GB of available space

         Internet access (for support, system updates and licensing)


Graphics Card requirements
Monitor capable of 1366 x 768.
Display card with Open GL support.

QTO is capable of making use of more than one monitor.

Mouse requirements

External mouse with mouse wheel.

Virtual Environments
Candy QTO will work in some virtual environments. However, this is not recommended. Problems can occur with delayed mouse functionality and delayed/jittery screen refresh.