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Candy folders require different access rights.

Our advice is that custom security permissions are not used. Share permissions are easier to use on Candy folders.

Access required for shared folders

Here is the access required for different types of users.

Normal user:

System folder – read
Licence folder – read
Master folder – read
Data folder – change
Common, archive – change

Controller or Admin:

System folder – change to update the Candy version
Licence folder – change to validate the licence
Master folder – change to be able to use the job as normal data (to modify it)
Data folder – change
Common, archive – change

Share permissions

Folders on a server need to be shared for a user to have access. The permissions set on the share do not affect the actual files that the share makes available.


NTFS permissions

Files and folders can be allocated security permissions. These permissions belong to each file and will be carried with the file.

If not carefully managed Candy files can be “owned” by a particular user or group which then blocks a different user or group from writing or modifying that file. Incorrect setting up of “inheritance” can also cause confusion.


Problems in a folder that are security permission related can only be dealt with by going to the root folder (usually the shared folder) and resetting the ownership and permissions of all sub-folders and files.