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Candy makes use of the local user profile to store settings, help files and logs. These folders need to be persistent i.e. not wiped clean after every logout.


Documents: My CCS and CCSDATA unless another data area is specified.

AppData: Help files

Temp: Downloaded Candy updates and log files


If a network location for the CCSDATA folder is to be used it should be on a file server, not shared with a SQL server or the Citrix server.

Installing Candy

Install Candy to the desired location on your Xenapp server.

You will be given an evaluation licence.
Setup a network or local licence.

Publish Candy

Open the Publish Application Wizard

Click Add.

Browse to the Candy installation location, select CCSvfx.

Click next

Add the domain user group that should have access to Candy.

Click next and finish.