Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Candy Technote-small.jpgOverview of Candy on Citrix


Candy is a workstation application that can access its data on a file server. Candy acts like it is running on a normal workstation when in a virtual environment.

Xenapp Deployment

Candy has been successfully deployed in a production environment using Citrix Xenapp (App streaming).

A step by step guide to publish Candy using the Xenapp Wizard can be found here.

User Profiles

There are three Windows profile situations that Candy can work with:

         Default windows profile (on local PC).

         Roaming Profile (profile is loaded at login).

         Folder redirection (certain folders i.e home drive or documents are hosted on a file server).


If folder redirection is used Candy will expect a home drive share. User settings will be stored in the home drive.

Load Balancing

Candy can function over load balanced servers but roaming profiles must be used.

Candy Data

Candy data can be stored in a userís Documents folder or on a file server. Candy will access the data via a Windows share. The server must be a dedicated file server (ie not running applications like MS SQL server or Citrix Xenapp).

Windows Server 2012 or later should be used as the file server operating system.


The storage device must be a physical, native NTFS drive installed in the server. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is not supported.


Note that userís data can also be stored in the document folder or home drive path if required (%HOMEDRIVE%).

Connection between Data and Application

The connection between the workstation running Candy and the server must be of LAN quality. VPN or other methods of connecting to the server will cause problems. Candy will hold files open over this connection. Any intermittent drop of connectivity, high latency or restricted bandwidth will slow Candy down or create integrity problems in the data.


The license path requires read access for normal usage for and full rights for validation.

Central Configuration

There is a method to centrally over-ride Candyís boot up settings. This will over-ride each userís local settings. For example, the licence path can be redirected to a common folder.

Temporary Files

Candy stores temporary data and settings in the userís profile (Documents, Appdata, Temp). It is preferable that these folders are persistent. However there are methods of redirecting important information if required.

Candy Quantity Take-Off

QTO requires a certain level of graphics performance to function fluidly. Most virtualization platforms lack this performance.

For this reason QTO may not perform correctly and is not officially supported on Citrix.