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A Candy licence can be installed locally as a single user licence or centrally on a server as a network licence.


A network licence has one unique licence number for invoicing purposes BUT is set to allow a specific number of concurrent users at a time.


A nework licence is used to make administration of licence files on a network easier AND to make the usage of the licence more efficient (not all users are making use of Candy at the same time).

Setup of network licence

On the server

Create a folder on the server and share it.


The example below uses a licence path as follows: \\CAB\SHARED. Users only require READ access to this share. However, at least one Candy system will require full READ/WRITE/MODIFY rights in order to setup and adjust the licence.


Note that this licence is expected to be on a file server running a Microsoft Windows server operating system.  The licence folder and files that it contains cannot be copied or adjusted in any way.


Additionally, this server should be on the same LAN as the users who are going to make use of the licence. Any deviation from this must be expressly negotiated with the CCS.


On each Candy workstation

Each Candy workstation needs to be set up to point at the licence folder.


Run Candy.


Drop down the SUPPORT menu and choose LICENCE & REGISTRATION.


The licence dialog will appear – click on the CHANGE tab.






Note how on this machine Candy is set to find the licence in the current user profile.


To change this, click on BROWSE FOLDERS. Use the browse button to navigate to the shared folder on the server or paste the path into the edit box. Hit OK.



The licence path dialog should now display the new path. Hit OK. 



Clicking on the STATUS tab will display something like this. Note that in this case no licence exists at the chosen path so the workstation is still not registered.



Registering the licence

Run candy from a workstation that has full READ/WRITE/MODIFY rights to the licence folder – this might simply be a Candy installation on the administrator’s machine. Make sure that the licence path is set as above.


Contact your local distributor. You will be guided through the registration process.


Once complete the licence dialog will look something like this:


Revalidating or adjusting the licence

Any change to this licence requires following exactly the same procedure as described above in “Registering the licence”.


Changes that will be required are:

1.       Periodic revalidation of the licence

2.       Increment or decrement of the number of concurrent users

3.       Repairs to a damaged licence.