Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Candy Technote-small.jpgRedirecting the My CCS folder


The MY CCS folder is usually stored in the [user profile]\MY DOCUMENTS folder (or similar for Vista/Win7).


This can cause major problems if a user’s profile is on a remote server where the connection is failing intermittently or is very slow. Also if My Documents is synchronized.


No data is stored in the MY CCS folder, only settings, document and report layouts.


What to look for

Go to the support information document, CCIS or user email and look for a MY Document path that is not on the c:\ drive:



My Documents    \\TSFfileserv\users\mike\My Documents - (NTFS-remote)

Test MDP        \\TSFfileserv\users\mike\My Documents - (NTFS-remote)


Another clue that the My Documents folder is remote is if MS SYNC is active (process list in CCIS):




The following example assumes that the user has moved his data to the C:\CCSDATA folder.

How to redirect My CCS

Go to the [user profile]\MY DOCUMENTS folder and find the MY CCS folder.


Copy MY CCS into the C:\CCSDATA folder (make sure that you copy and not move – you want to keep the option to go back if something goes wrong).


Find the shortcut that is used to run Candy. Right click on it and choose properties. Click on the ‘shortcut’ tab.


Make the following changes:


TARGET – add a space after the CCSVFX.EXE (or after the quote if there is one) and then add $SETMYCCS

                        For example: “C:\Program Files\CCSWIN\system\CCSvfx.EXE”   $SETMYCCS


START IN – must be set to the path that now contains the MY CCS folder. In this case C:\CCSDATA



Click on APPLY and run the Candy shortcut.


Everything should be as it was. In other words, you should end up in the job manager and recognize your jobs (because the MY CCS folder was copied). If the data manager appears then something has gone wrong.


Other errors can be identified by the following message. In this case the system will revert to your My Documents path…




If all looks well then check the system information. The My CCS setting should look as follows: