Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Candy Technote-small.jpgMigrate Candy to a new computer


This document is aimed at migrating simple installations.


Three areas need to be attended to when moving from one computer to another

1.       Data    

2.       Licence

3.       Settings


The most important is data. PLEASE make sure that you only let the old computer out of you control once you have validated that you can access your data on the new computer. Do not trust anybody in this regard.


CCS really suggests that your data is properly backed up before attempting any move.


Suggested steps to take

1.       Find out where all your data is

2.       Backup up all data – if this is not possible back up your recent data

3.       Install Candy on the new machine

4.       Copy the MY CCS folder into the MY DOCUMENTS folder on the new machine

5.       Phone your local distributor to  

                                I.            to remove the licence off the old machine

                              II.            reset your licence path

                            III.            and to set the licence on the new machine

6.       Copy your data folders from the old machine to the new machine

7.       Make any adjustments to paths in the data manager

8.       CHECK that you can access at least one job from each data path

9.       Double check that recent data is accessible.


The licence is never copied. You need to phone your local distributor. They will destroy the licence on your old machine and reset it on the new machine.


Settings are kept in the MY CCS folder – this is usually stored in you’re my DOCUMENTS folder (or similar). This can be copied straight into the MY DOCUMENTS (or similar) of your profile on the new machine.


On a standard installation your data is stored in MY DOCUEMNTS\CCSDATA (or similar). However, it is possible for your data to be stored in a totally different place OR you could have multiple data folders.  Use the support information document to find you current data path. Use the Data Manager to get a list of other paths.

Simple migration example (DATA, MY CCS) Win XP to Win 7

There are two important folders that need to be backed up when migrating to a new PC.

1.       All you settings are saved in the My CCS folder.

2.       Your data will be saved to the CCSDATA folder.


Both these folders are stored in My Documents on Windows XP.



Copy these folders to your new Documents folder in Windows 7.


Reinstall Candy

To download the latest version of Candy Go to:


Install the new version.



Fill in your login details.


Restore data areas

The first time you run Candy you will see the default data path. If the CCSDATA folder was copied correctly when you select the data area you should see all your companies and jobs.