Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Candy Technote-small.jpgLicence marked as TYPE-C after being set


Some virus checkers will unset the READ ONLY marker on the Candy licence file when Candy writes to it. This will result in the licence appearing corrupted.


1.                   In Candy, choose the SUPPORT menu.

2.                   Choose Support Information.

3.                   From the document, choose the Tools menu.

4.                   Choose Explore Folders.

5.                   Choose Licence Files.

6.                   A Windows folder will appear double click on the SYSTEM folder.

7.                   Right click on the file SOFTLIC.SYS.

8.                   Choose Properties from the menu.

9.                   Make sure that the READ ONLY flag is ticked click OKAY.