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A fix file is used to make a small repair to an already installed Candy installation. The intention is that the next version of Candy will not require the fix file because the problem will have been corrected. For this reason the fix file is delete each time candy is re-installed.

This file should be installed only on the version that the Candy development team suggested.  

Installing a fix file from email

Usually a fix file will be emailed to you.

Save the fix file to your desktop make sure that you keep the .fix extension.

Run Candy and then minimise the Candy window.

On Some systems you can simply double click on the file. If this does not work then try the following: Drag the fix file onto the minimised Candy on the application bar.

If you wish to change the .fix file association please read the following Technote.

Candy will maximise and bring up the following message:

Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CAE556.B3258850

Answer YES. The following message will appear:

Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image002.png@01CAE556.B3258850

If you do not see the success message then a problem has occurred. A likely problem is that you do not have rights to the folder where Candy is installed. To get around this an administrator will have to manually install the fix file at the following location:  [candypath]\system\fix\ccsos.fix e.g. C:\program files\ccswin\system\fix\ccsos.fix Not how the fix file must be named CCSOS.FIX.

Using the fix file

To activate the fix file you need to close Candy. The next time Candy is opened the fix file will be active.

NOTE that the fix file is deleted each time Candy is re-installed.