Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Candy Technote-small.jpgInstall Candy on a standard user


Normal users are restricted from installing software on their machines. This is handled differently in Windows XP and Windows VISTA/7.

Windows XP will allow non-administrator users to login as an administrator when running the Candy setup file.

Windows Vista/7 has UAC which protects user profiles from unwanted installations and adjustments. It also prevents Candy users from installing Candy unless they have an administrator password.

Installing by using “run as administrator”

Windows will prompt a normal user for an administrator login. In Windows 7 this is governed by UAC. In Windows XP it is termed “run as administrator”.

Here is an example from Windows 7. Notice the dialogue box wants domain credentials by default. To allow local credentials to be used type the computers name followed by a back slash and the user name.

Installing without administrator rights

You will only be allowed to install into folders where you have FULL RIGHTS. The PROGRAM FILES or PROGRAMS folder will be excluded. You will get one of the following error messages:

Error 1: Folder does not exist inside program files:


Error 2: Folder does exist in program files:


Solution 1: Turning off UAC (Windows 7 only)


UAC governs the running of install files. It will prompt a user for administrator credentials. The setup will be cancelled if these can’t be produced.


Disabling UAC will allow users to run setup files BUT does not give them rights to the program files folder or to make changes to the registry. Additionally, rights are required to access other folders.


The following warning message will appear if during installation. This error can be ignored. If this is a new installation then you may have to manually make a shortcut on the desktop to c:\[candy path\system\ccsvfx.exe. This error does not appear if you install from inside Candy using UPDATE CANDY.




Solution 2: Making a local administrator

This will work in Windows XP and Windows 7. The advantage is that you do not need to give the user the real administrator password AND (in Windows 7) you can leave UAC enabled.

Create a User that has admin privileges on the local machine.

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Add a new account that will only be used for installing apps

Now add that user to the administrators group.

Solution 3: Making a folder that the user can install into (Windows XP olnly)

In Windows XP you can reject the operating system’s request for administrator credentials (NOT in VISTA/Windows7). You do this as follows:




You will now be able to install into any folder which you have FULL RIGHTS (not the program files folder).


Trying to install into a folder outside of program files, but where this profile does not have correct rights to that folder:

Check the rights of a folder by right clicking on the folder and choosing PROPERTIES – in this example the user will NOT be able to install.