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The GLOBAL.INI file can be used to redirect key folders or files used by Candy. In this Technote we will address how to redirect Candy log and help files.

Creating the Config folder

Locate your CCSWIN folder, inside there are two folders by default: “GLOBAL” & “SYSTEM”

Create a new folder called “CONFIG”. If Candy is installed in “C:\Program File (x86)\CCSWIN” Administrator rights will be required to create the folder.

Copy and Edit the GLOBAL.INI file

A Template of the GLOBAL.INI can be found inside the “…\CCSWIN\SYSTEM” folder. Copy this file to the desktop where it can easily be edited.

Right click on the copied GLOBAL.INI and click edit. Use Notepad or similar to do the editing.

Scroll down through the GLOBAL.INI to the [All Ways] section.

1.       Change the key “Construction Computer Software =0” to “1”

2.       Add “Crash Logs Path=” followed by a local path or network share (\\server\data\logs)

3.       Do the same for “Help Path=”

4.       Save the GLOBAL.INI

An example of a network share being used.

5.       Copy the edited GLOBAL.INI to the “…\CCSWIN\CONFIG” folder created earlier. Note: this may require administrator rights.

Install the Help files

1.       Launch Candy and open a job.

2.       Go to the “Utilities” menu -> “Help Files..” -> Click “Install help files from system”

3.       Confirm that the help is working by clicking on one of the blue help tooltips.

Test Crash Logs

1.       Click on the Support menu and choose “System information”

2.       Click on the Tools menu -> Doveloment tools -> Click on Test crash.

3.       Two messages will appear, dismiss them.

4.       Browse to the redirected logs location and look for “CRASHLOGX1.LOG”.



Help Files and Logs have now been redirected to a new location, they will remain redirected permanently. Even after Candy has been updated.