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Updates, support and license validation make use of Candy servers.

Updating Candy requires the download of a 20MB setup.exe file.

Access to these servers is not mandatory, however it is recommended to keep Candy up to date, avoid telephone calls for license validation and managing errors/support efficiently.

All Candy services use the HTTP protocol. If the appropriate websites are placed in a whitelist, Candy’s services will work using port 80.

Note: Under no circumstances is user DATA sent to CCS servers. Candy jobs can be backed up and sent to support via email on user instruction.

Online licencing

Validation of licences and system extensions are done via a connection to the following URL:

Update Candy

Candy needs access to to read the current available version.

The actual setup.exe file is downloaded from one of the following (depending on the user’s server choice): (South Africa server) (International file sharing server) (United Kingdom server)

Candy can be downloaded from South Africa, UK and US – please see the following web site to try the different options.

The UPDATE CANDY tool offers this web site (“Download using default browser”) or a direct download (“Download latest software”).

Update Quantity Take Off


QTO 2 Connects to which is a web-service.

QTO 2 downloads updates from


QTO 3 downloads updates from

Support information

Error information and other licence information is set via web service to the following server. This is not a pre-requisite to running Candy, however blocked access to this will increase support and licensing turnaround times.

Buildsmart integration

This makes use of web services that reside at:

Candy web site

The candy webs site is at the following URL:,, and are all redirected to this URL.