Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Graeme\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Candy Technote-small.jpgTyping Arabic descriptions in the Original Description column

If you already have Arabic keyboard running on your computer, skip to Section 2

Section 1: Setting up your computer for Arabic

Buy an Arabic keyboard

Firstly, you need an Arabic keyboard.
Most are QWERTY 101 key types. 102 is the AZERTY (French) keyboard.

Install the drivers

Plug it in and let Windows install the drivers for it. It takes a while. You may need your installation DVD.

Setup Windows

Then you need to tell your computer to understand the Arabic language.


Go to Control Panel and select Region and Language.

Click Change keyboards..


Install a version of Arabic for the country you are in. (101) refers to QWERTY.

Check your computer understands Arabic (I already have Arabic installed here).

If you dont have an Arabic keyboard installed, then Add a keyboard layout.


Remember 101 means QWERTY.


Click Preview to check that the keyboard keys match the layout.

Close this and click OK on the dialogs.

Section 2: Setting up Candy for dual language use.

Start Candy and right-click on the Desktop.

Choose Fonts and then Dual Language docs.

Set the language encoding to Arabic. This gets the Right-to-Left reading direction correct and allows you to choose a font for documents that display Arabic.

Choose one. If you have no fonts there, call your distributor.

Click OK.

Choose the Estimating tab.

Choose Pricing Bill Dual language from the Document Manager.

Youll see an extra column Original Description. Double click in it against a bill item.


A dialog edit box appears. Type something.

Type (left) ALT-SHIFT on the left side of the keyboard.

Type in the box again. The language should have changed.

Type ALT-SHIFT again and type in the box again.

You should be back to the original language.

Click Save to put the text back into the column.


Now you can enter and edit in the Original Language column.

The Original Unit column works the same way.