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To run TeamViewer the user will need to open the client App on their PC, the support person will need to have TeamViewer installed and activated with a licence code.

To download the TeamViewer client without the use of Candy follow this link:

User Setup

Go to the support menu in Candy.
Click on “Send support information”.

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You will be asked to fill in your details.
Note: At least one contact method will need to be filled in.
Once all the contact details are completed click on the TeamViewer button.
The user’s system information will then be uploaded to the Candy support system.

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The user will then be presented with this message.
Click Yes.

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Click start to download the TeamViewer client.

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Once the download is complete the Candy TeamViewer window will appear.
The user is now ready for you to connect.

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Support staff connect

In your version of TeamViewer type the user’s ID into the box provided under Create session.
Click Connect to partner.

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You will need the password get this from the CPT CCS office.
Click Log On

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