Knowledge Base

Setup Q and A
Frequently asked questions about the setup of Candy.

Database Q and A
Frequently asked questions about Candy’s database.

Candy System requirements
Hardware, operating systems and related requirements to run Candy.

QTO System requirements
Hardware, operating systems requirements to run Quantity Take Off.


Extending QTO 3 Versions
Once QTO 3 has expired the user must Extend the software or download a new version.

Switching Version of QTO
If an administrator installed QTO 3 in a different profile, registry keys will not be crated

Citrix and Virtual environments

Citrix Information Pack
Deployment considerations when publishing Candy in Citrix environment.

Virtual desktops and virtual machines
Candy functions under a number of virtualized environments.

Candy deployment on Citrix
Different deployment scenarios for Candy running in Citrix and folders that are important to the proper function of Candy.

Citrix and Candy (FAQ)
Candy is essentially a workstation application that can have its data on a file server.

Publish Candy on Citrix XenApp
Candy can be served by Citrix XenApp. Here is how to install Candy on a Citrix server.

Publish Candy on Citrix XenApp (old)
Candy can be accessed from a server using Citrix XenApp. To use this this feature you must first Install Candy as you would on a normal workstation.

Citrix hidden menu item error
Some level two menus are not completely visible and have arrows to scroll up and down to view non-visible items.


Permissions: Share vs NTFS Security
Our advice is that custom security permissions are not used on Candy folders. Share permissions are easier to use on Candy folders.

Candy overview for administrators
A brief overview of the system setup and path setup of the Candy system.

Setup Candy on a Network
Candy setup can be divided into four parts. Application, Licence, User settings and Data folders.

.Net Framework
Some features in Candy require the Microsoft .Net Framework to be installed for them to function.

F-Lock key on a Microsoft keyboard
The F-Lock key, introduced by Microsoft in 2001 toggles the state of the function keys.

Domains and Roaming Profiles
This is an accumulation of Microsoft products and features that can be used to run Candy in a Remote Desktop or Virtual Environment.

First time QTO launch from Candy
If a user tries to launch QTO from inside Candy without first running QTO from a desktop icon registry settings will not be created and QTO will fail to launch.

Error logs & HELP files
Candy stores files outside of the Documents folder. These files need to be preserved.

View Open Network Sessions on Windows Server
To view the open files and sessions on a Windows file server.

Candy URLs
Configure firewall settings.

High Resolution Monitors (UHD)
New monitors have come onto the market with many more pixels-per-inch than before.


Problems printing from report manager
If an incorrect printer is specified in the stored report settings, problems may occur if the report is edited or printed.

Problems with CandyMono font
Font warning messages may appear when installing a newer version of Candy.

Damaged font
Fonts can become damaged.

Problems opening Candy
The Candy application (system files) can be installed on a server and run from a workstation over a Local Area Network. There are some issue that may occur because of this.

Force Candy to start at the data manager
Candy has to access two main folders during startup. Firstly, the user’s MY DOCUMENTS (or similar), secondly the users data area.

Debugging startup problems
A very slow startup could indicate problems with resources or folder paths. A freeze on startup could indicate a serious platform problem.

Corrupted job file
The job manager can get corrupted for many reasons. The following are a set of possible solutions.

Email recovery errors
When trying to recover a file from email by double clicking on the attached file you may receive this error.

Problems using some JPEG files
Candy could experience an error when trying to use a jpg file as a logo.

Licence attributes
The licence file may become corrupted because the file attributes have been changed.

Lost data path
It is possible to lose a data path in Candy.

Unspecified email error
When backing up to email the user receives an unspecified error.


How to

Arabic Descriptions
Typing Arabic descriptions in the Original Description column

My CCS Redirect
If a user’s profile is on a remote server where the connection is failing intermittently or is very slow this will cause problems.

Roll back Candy version
Occasionally it is necessary to rollback your Candy system to an earlier version.

                Disabling a start-up doc
                If you currently have a document that loads when Candy starts and is no longer relevant or you just wish to disable it.

                Install fix files
                A fix file is used to make a small repair to an already installed Candy installation.

Errors when installing Candy setup.exe
Sometimes setup.exe can fail on a particular workstation. This can happen for many reasons.

                Install Candy on a server
                Installing Candy on a server is much the same as on a workstation but provisions must be made for the CCSWIN folder to be shared.

                Network licence setup
                A Candy licence can be installed locally as a single user licence or centrally on a server as a network licence.

                Migrate Candy to a new computer
                There are two important folders that need to be backed up when migrating to a new PC. The My CCS folder and the CCSDATA folder.

                Licences marked TYPE-C
                Some virus checkers will unset the READ ONLY marker on the Candy licence file when Candy writes to it.

Install Candy as a standard user
Standard Windows users do not have permission to install applications.

Send a picture of a problem to support
Occasionally it is useful to send a picture to demonstrate a problem to support.

Global.ini config
This file contains centralized Candy settings that will be applied at application load.

Candy Job Rollback
It is possible to roll a job back to a specific date.

Help & Log Files Redirect
The GLOBAL.INI file can be used to redirect key folders or files used by Candy.

Non-Candy related

Configure SyncToy 2.1
SyncToy is a program from Microsoft that lets you synchronize two folders, so that if a change is made in one folder, the changes are synched with the other.

Set Windows temp folder
                Check or setup your TEMP or TMP folder

Default email program
Users who are not using Microsoft Outlook can experience errors when backing up to email. This is because the default Email client is incorrectly set.

Email file association
In order to be able to recover a file by double clicking a file a association must exist between the file extension ie .CCS and the Candy application file.

Extract an image from word
If you do not have an original image to use as a logo for your Candy reports one can be extracted from a word document.

Symantec and server 2008 64-bit file sharing problem
Windows XP and Vista workstations loose connectivity to Windows Server 2008 64-bit file shares.

Disk space error
There is not enough space on the disk. This is a general error that can occur in many situations.

Folder Ownership
If users with different “ownership” rights access shared Candy data then a situation can occur where only the user who created a particular job can access that job.

Offline files
Using Offline Files, you can work with network files when you are not connected to the network.

Anti-Virus issues
Problems with anti-virus software.

Windows virtual store
Windows has a method of virtualizing files that a user does not have access to.

Virtualized Office
Candy can export to Excel using two methods DDE and OLE automation.

Excel file format issues
Office 2007 or newer has lost backwards compatibility with older office versions.

Show file extensions
By default windows does not display file extensions for known file types.

Candy data and antivirus
Improve performance of Virus checker on Candy Data.

Excel number format
Excel may have issues importing Excel files generated by Candy.

Excel Starter
Office starter consists of limited-functionality versions of Word and Excel and includes advertising.

CSV Separator
Candy uses a comma as a separator, the default separator is often a semicolon or tab in windows.

Third Party PDF
It is often the case that PDF viewers cannot display the correct fonts for a document.


Install TeamViewer
                Teamviewer is a remote desktop tool used for doing user support.

Use TeamViewer
                Teamviewer is downloadable via the Candy support menu.

Messages that will prevent a user from working
                There are many ways that Candy will prevent a user from working. Mainly this is system expire or licence related.

Candy is slow
A list to run through when a user is having speed issues with Candy.

Process list
A list of common processes that run in widows and who they are created by.

Save Username and Pass in IE8
                This note is based on IE 8 but IE 7 users will still be able to follow it.

Linux file server
How to determine if a file server is running linux.

Under Construction

Overview of setup scenarios
Candy application files, data, setting files and licence can all be in different folders – on different network shares if required.